About Me

Hi, I am Brian

I’ve been fascinated by marketing automation for the past 5 years. The ability to work with modern marketing tools that improve our ability to share highly relevant content has always fascinated me as we move towards artificial intelligence and machine learning in Sales and marketing with those lines merging. I always strive to improve my skills and develop innovative and more effective teaching strategies to help Sales and Marketing teams to excel.


I am an outgoing Marketing Automation specialist dedicated to building an atmosphere that will encourage efficient learning of primary marketing automation concepts. Working closely with Sales and Marketing teams, I can easily determine all their strengths and weaknesses needed to create personalized lesson plans. I focus on the development and implementation of flexible programs that meet business requirements.
Being a marketing teacher for more than 10 years I take great responsibility for developing and supporting learning programs for sales, marketers, teachers and staff. I am always researching new ways to providing service design for my prospective and existing clients that will improve upon what they have already learned from my services,

Biography Overview

  • 1993

    College years

    I was born in Quebec, and as I grew, I decided to become a marketing expert. I got my first 3 year diploma in Commercial Photography from Dawson College

  • 1998

    Back to College

    I have graduated from Rosemount Technology Centre with a diploma in print and graphic design

  • now

    Looking for new opportunities and chill

    Now I work as a dedicated Marketing Automation Specialist helping agencies and clients with marketing initiatives, give lectures, private tutoring, consulting, and online courses.

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